Do you have trouble focusing and staying on task?


Do you suffer from disorganisation, procrastination or forgetfulness?


If you are having difficulty with restfulness or trouble managing stronger feelings such as frustration or anger, then you may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Doctor Lydia Zylowska MD is a psychiatrist in the United States. She is a co-founder and facility member at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Centre. She specialises in mindfulness based approaches to mental health.


She has created an eight-step program for using attention and awareness training to help you overcome the symptoms of ADHD.


You can learn practices such as sitting meditation, body awareness, thoughtful speaking, listing, development of self-acceptance, mindful self-coaching, and cultivation of a balanced view of thoughts and emotions.


This program educates you about ADHD, helping you to understand how your ADHD brain works and how the use of mindful awareness to work can help with your challenges in life.


Janette Tombleson is a clinical psychologist who practices on Sydney’s northers beaches, located in Manly. Contact Janette today to book an assessment.